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bonjour !

lolllllllllllllll I should be doing homework
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anything except teenager angst.

bonjour ! bonjourstars is just a simple little comm. started by me, feelingofjoy mostly because... I have no life. Hur. That, and well, I have lots of things to share.

This is mainly for music and mixtapes/playlists, but things like graphics, fanfiction, reviews, etc will be here too ;D. Now, I'm not sure anyone cares or if this comm. will just bomb. (THAT RHYMED LOL)

I don't know. Hopefully someone finds it useful. If you're just looking for some new music, or just looking for something that will fill your time, come on over; I'll be updating... like daily. Seriously. That's how much of a life I have.

rules ! ....Rules. I feel so weird typing this out, lol.

♥ The music I will be posting : Korean, Japanese, English, French, Chinese, and lots of other things. :) I will TRY not to post things you could find at a lot of other communities, unless I really, really like it ;D. So that way you can try out new stuff :D.
♥ If you take something, I would love it if you commented! It's only, what, 2 seconds for about.. the 15 minutes it takes me to upload and post? Seriously. It warms my heart. :D
♥ Now, like all other music sharing communities, these mp3s/m4as are for sampling purposes only. If you like them, please go to a store that sells CDs or an online store like iTunes or Amazon. Support the artists; please have the files deleted in 24 hours. :)
JOIN. LOL. Seriously. Every new post will be public for 48 hours, but after that, you have to join to see goodies ;D You want to see them, right? Just join. JOIN AND WATCH. lol.
♥ Please don't bash the music I share. Really. D:
♥ I am a noob when it comes to graphics. Don't kill me plz.



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